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January 2019

Happy New Year!

We have had a truly wonderful year and are thankful to all our supporters. Cheers to another fantastic year!

Local Events

We hope you all had a fun, safe New Year's Eve! Other than welcoming 2019, there are not many events in January. Buy tickets to the 30A Songwriters Festival taking place January 18-21st throughout the 16 beach neighborhoods of South Walton to enjoy local music. The HarborWalk Winter Concert Series also begins January 13th and continues every Sunday through February 24th. There is also plenty of room to relax at the beach. Just bring a blanket and a hot drink since our weather ranges 35 to 60 degrees most days in January. 

Fishing News

This year, the FWC has released an app to keep track of fishing regulations called "Fish Rules." According to the app, here is a list of some of the most commonly caught fish in Destin with their tentative seasons:

Mingo, Open season; bag limit 10 per fisherman

Mahi Mahi, Open season; bag limit 10 per fisherman

Scamp, Open season; bag limit 4 per fisherman

Blackfin Tuna, Open season; bag limit of 100 pounds

Wahoo, Open season; bag limit 2 per fisherman

King Mackerel, Open season; bag limit 3 per fisherman

Lane Snapper, Open season; bag limit of 100 pounds

Cobia, Open season, but bag limit down from 6 to 2 fish per vessel

Almaco Jack, Open Season

Greater Amberjack, Seasons May 1-31 and August 1-October 31st

Red Snapper, Season possibly beginning June 1st

Gray Triggerfish, Seasons possibly beginning March 1st and August 1st

Gag Grouper, Season possibly beginning June 1st

If you have any questions about how these regulations will impact your fishing trip, give Captain Reid a call at 850-797-7678. Happy fishing! 🎣

Recipe of the Month

Triggerfish Ceviche


Triggerfish Filets

Bag of key limes

One orange


Red Peppers

Green Peppers



Dice the veggies and triggerfish. I did not include exact amounts in the Ingredients list since this is Captain Reid's favorite recipe and he does not have exact amounts. It should look like a pretty even rainbow; about equal amounts of everything other than the jalapeños. Squeeze key limes (limes work if they are all that is available) until all the fish and veggies are coated. Let marinate for about 12 hours, refrigerated. Serve with crackers and enjoy!

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