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Charter Info & Rates

Call Captain Reid at 850-797-7678 for specific charter details and booking availability. Prefer to book online? Book through our Fishing Booker widget. 


Charter rates are $300/hour with a 4% online booking and credit card convenience fee included in all listed prices. Prices subject to seasonal and overhead adjustments.


 Hour Charter

4 hour fishing charters are a great introduction to fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Trolling for mackerel and bonito or bottom fishing for vermillion and white snapper is usual on a 4-hour charter. 

Cash/Check-$1200.00, Credit Card-$1248.00


Hour Charter

A 6 hour charter allows more time to be able troll and bottom fish. It’s the best of both worlds! Cobia sight fishing is popular in the Spring as this species migrates to spawn west of Destin. You can bottom fish for Red Snapper (Seasonal), Amberines, Black Snapper, White Snapper and Vermilion Snapper.

Cash/Check-$1800.00, Credit Card-$1872.00


Hour Charter

Another great combo charter! We can Troll offshore for King Mackerel, BlackFin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, and Bonito. With time to bottom fish for Amberjack (Seasonal), Red Snapper (Seasonal), Amberine, Almaco Jacks, Vermilion, & White Snapper.

Cash/Check-$2400.00, Credit Card-$2496.00


Hour Charter

This charter allows for more fishing time with a chance to get offshore and hit areas we don’t get to fish every day. It offers more opportunity for bigger fish including Greater Amberjack (Seasonal), Big Red Snapper (Seasonal), Grouper, Scamp and, Bull Mingos. We can also troll further offshore for King Mackerel, BlackFin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Bonito.

Cash/Check-$3000.00, Credit Card-$3120.00


Hour Charter

Plenty of time to get into deeper waters and bottom fish for those big fish as well as troll for migrating pelagics. You never know what you may catch out on a 12 hour!


Cash/Check-$3600.00, Credit Card-$3744.00


Hour Charter

Looking to catch a variety of bigger fish while bottom fishing and trolling, with the opportunity to see deeper water migratory pelagic fish? Have you thought about deep drop fishing in 1000 feet of water? Have you dreamt of cruising out the Destin Harbor at night, with an offshore sunrise to greet you in the morning? Then plan an 18 hour on the Rewind! Captain Reid loves these long offshore trips.​

Cash/Check-$5400.00, Credit Card-$5616.00

Gulf Rig


Plan your trip out to the offshore oil rigs to fish for yellow fin tuna and the opportunity for billfish. Minimum of a 24 hour charter required.



Rate depends on charter length

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Don't see a description of the trip you want? Call Captain Reid, 850-797-7678 and plan your dream trip.​

Looking for inspiration? Check out the photos of the February 2020 wedding held on Rewind on our social media accounts. 

Rate depends on charter length

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Cancellation Policy


14 Day Cancellation Policy - If for any reason you need to cancel your charter, we require at least 14 days notice to receive a full refund. If less than 14 days notice is given, a non-refundable cancellation fee of 50% of the charter will be charged if we are unable to rebook. 


Weather Cancellations In case of extreme weather or sea conditions, the Captain will determine the need for cancellation. The decision will be made the morning of the trip.



All charter times are based on a 6:00 am departure unless otherwise discussed with Captain Reid. 

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