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Asked Questions

How far do you go out?

It depends on the length of the trip and our target fish. A four hour won’t take you far out the Pass, but a multi-day trip can take you to the oil rigs near Louisiana. We can discuss what you want to fish for and where to get it, just give Captain Reid a call, 850-797-7678. 


Length of charter?

The length of the charter is up to you! We offer 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 18-hour trips as well as overnight and custom charters.  Call Captain Reid to plan your custom charter or special event trips. 


How much of that time is actually fishing?

When you sign up for a specific length charter, you’re signing up for travelling to the spot, fishing, and travelling back to the Destin Harbor. The longer the charter, the more time you get to fish. Your time spent fishing also depends on the species of fish you want to catch. If they are close to shore, you’ll spend less time traveling. We strive to make the whole trip a memorable experience!


How many people can go fishing?

The Rewind is federally permitted for up to 6 fishermen. 


What kinds of fish will we catch? Red Snapper?

The fish we catch depends on the time of year and the length of the trip. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, along with federal regulations determine the species and number of fish that may be kept, and the season time and length. Check out our blog here on the website (or delivered to your email inbox when you sign up below!) and our Facebook and Instagram pages for updated info.


What do I need to bring?

The Rewind is a great boat made for catching fish, but who says you can't be comfortable doing it!? Amenities include comfortable seating, an air conditioned cabin, TV with DVDs, satelite radio, a bathroom, and even a Keurig. Bring your own food and drinks, with a microwave even available. Take a look at our What To Expect page for additional tips on what to bring. 


Can my kids come along?

Families with children are welcome on the Rewind. 

Where can I park?

Parking is available at the Brotula's Seafood House and Steamer where Rewind is docked. Parking costs $10 for up to 4-hours, then $1 per hour for each additional hour up to $30 for 24-hours. Parking must be paid prior to the charter as there is an automatic violation generated within 30-minutes of parking without paying. Parking is managed through a third party company, Premium Parking (app available). A ticket will be mailed to the address tied to the license plate if the fee is not paid. There is also public parking for a lesser fee across the street from Brotula's. 


Where can I buy seafood to take home?

There are a couple places in Destin such as Sextons and Destin Ice for ready to cook fish as well as gourmet prepared seafood (Destin Ice). Destin Ice will also ship your catch home if thats more convenient for you!


Do you recommend any seafood restaurants?

All the seafood restaurants on the Harbor and in the general area have different reasons to love them. The Boathouse and AJ’s have a lively atmosphere and are old favorites. Tailfins is a newer place with three restaurants in one. Brotulas, Harbor Docks, and Jackacudas are all great options that offer high quality, local seafood. 


How do I prevent seasickness?

The best way to prevent seasickness is to take medication the night before the trip and the morning of; most popular is Dramamine original or non drowsy.  Some people will say staying hydrated and eating salty snacks like pretzels is helpful. 


Do I have to pay for a rod if it breaks or falls overboard?

We use the best maintained equipment possible, so if the rod breaks on its own accord, you aren’t expected to pay. However, if you drop a rod overboard or break it while mishandling it, you will be expected to replace it. 


Can we bring alcoholic beverages? Can we smoke?

Feel free to bring alcohol and we do allow smoking, although it needs to be kept outside. 


Tipping mates? Do they clean our fish?

Tipping the deckhand 20% is customary, they work for tips just like wait staff. They work long hours in all conditions while providing a skilled service to create a fun, relaxed, and safe experience for our guests, so please show your appreciation with your tip. 

We do offer fish cleaning services at no additional cost.

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