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September 2019

September and October really are the perfect months to visit Destin. You take a break from the crowds, while experiencing hot Summer weather during the day and cool Fall temperatures in the evenings. 

Local Events

During the month of September, Destin typically experiences a lull between our busy Summer and the Fishing Rodeo kickoff in October. We celebrated Labor Day on September 2nd this year, enjoying the day off. 

There are drink specials throughout the month at several restaurants on the Harbor for College Football Saturdays. Enjoy September by taking a walk on the beach, shopping at a local Farmers Market, and booking a fishing trip. 

Fishing News

We'll still be fishing for Greater Amberjack through the month of September, so if you haven't caught one yet, you still have a chance. We also encourage booking long, deep-drop trips for deepwater fish, such as the featured "Recipe of the Month."

Recipe of the Month

Captain Reid's Yellow Edge

Baked Yellow Edge Grouper


Yellow Edge Grouper filets

Cooking Oil

Seasoning (Like Old Bay)


Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Coat the baking pan with oil. Season both sides of the filets to taste. Bake for ten minutes per inch of thickness. Fish should be flakey when finished. Enjoy!

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